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Matt: I could live in New York one day I think.
Karen: I could too, yeah.
Arthur: Not together.
Karen: God, no!

"There was the top secret, very special, extra read through for episode 10 and Matt came striding in with a GUITAR ON HIS BACK. I have honestly never seen a whole roomful of people flatten themselves against the wall with such a high pitched squeal of terror.  Except Karen, of course. She trotted along beside him without a care in the world.”
-Steven Moffat.

Adam Smith
: When we rehearsed for the wide Karen actually, subconsciously, put her hand on Matt’s inner thigh.
Matt: ‘Subconciously
Adam Smith: And then denied it afterwards but it was on camera wasn’t it Karen?

“In preparation for the first block, Adam Smith insisted that Matt and Karen should embark on a real adventure together, and suggested that they take a white-knuckle ride aboard a boat from Cardiff Bay… which Karen enjoyed more than Matt.”
-Doctor Who magazine

Matt: Dan Pirrie, I really liked. You have no idea who that is do you?
Karen: No.
Matt: The really nice guy in episode eleven! The one who gets killed off early by the [immitates the monster]
Karen: I wasn’t in episode eleven
Matt: Yeah you were!
Fearne Cotton: I love this little domestic banter