{One Community scene per episode} 2.17: Intro to Political Science

Annie: Are you in here?
Jeff: Yeah, to be alone. We’ve already established the men’s room doesn’t work.
Annie: You have an apartment.
Jeff: There are people in the parking lot, singing that song.
Annie: I went too far. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be that bad.
Jeff: You knew. You didn’t care. But don’t apologize I got what I deserved. I am a gross, jaded adult with with control issues who couldn’t let a young, bright, idealistic kid run for president.

Jeff: You should have stayed in the running. You’re the only real candidate.
Annie: No I was just another jerk trying to win a contest. Your were right the whole time. I just couldn’t admit it until I saw you running away, crying.
Jeff: Yaaaay.
Annie: I care what you think about me, you know?
Jeff: Yeah. I care what you think about me, which is why all this happened.
Annie: Ok well, resolved then.
Jeff: Resolved.

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