Both realities. Both realities in my head.

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#Amy Pond#Karen Gillan#Doctor Who#my stuff: doctor who#I'm about to vent a LOT so idk avert your eyes or something#out of all the things I'll never fogrive about the storytelling after season 5 THIS takes the bloody cake no contest#how Amy's relationship with her parents was so blatantly PROVOKINGLY ignored#Amy's loss of her parents is one of the major aspects of her story arc in season 5 right?#she lost them and moved to a strange place with an aunt who was never home#the same aunt who didn't believe the stories about Amy's raggedy Doctor and told her to stop believing in stars#growing up in a broken home with no one believing in her made her bitter insecure and cynical and that's the CORE of Amy's character#so then the Doctor sacrifices himself and gets written out of the Universe so that Amelia Pond can have her family back#and she does and she looks so thrilled to have her mum and dad back#when she first sees them in the Big Bang it's just so obvious how happy she is by her giddy face#AND THEN NOTHING#NADA#WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT THEM AGAIN#Amy Pond was denied the ONE THING every companion (including Rory) has had: an episode about her family#does she love her dad or mum the most?#did her parents believe the stories about the Doctor?#are they on board with her life choices?#what do they do to keep her safe?#not to mention that there have been two episodes (without even counting next week's) where all this could have been dealth with#in Let's Kill Hitler we see her growing up with Mells and Rory and yet NO PARENTS EVER in her house#in the Girl Who Waited there are tons of references to her childhood and adolesence and AGAIN NO PARENTS EVER MENTIONED#might I also say that Amy has two realities in her head and that was never addresed either#(no a DVD extra doesn't count)#I wanted so much more for you#but you're still a Queen
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