Matt: Ok why is he the Arthur Darvill and I’m just Matt Smith?
: No you were mister Matt Smith.
Matt: But that’s not the Matt Smith is it?

Interviewer: [to Karen]…but you’re so pretty!
Karen: Aw!
Matt: Thanks! Thanks buddy.

Karen: Apparently people are really friendly in Canada.
Matt: When did you hear this nugget?
Karen: [laughs] I heard it from this guy that I met.
Matt: This-oh oh right, Karen Gillan’s fact of the day: ‘I heard it from this guy that I met.’ Cool man, that’s good to know.
Karen: I had a marriage proposal from a girl.
Matt: When?!
Interviewer: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan looking rather gorgeous.
Matt: Well, don’t know about that.
Interviewer: Yes, you are. [to Karen] That dress! Oh!
Matt: Thanks.

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