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« What do you mean her creator didn't care about her? » — Anonymous

I mean Moffat slaughtered her character and left only hints of how great she is/ could be and for that I’ll always be angry and bitter. I’ve ranted a lot about this if you want more details, like over here because I’m tired to go over it again.

« 'i will never love again' as your tag for amy, same » — ameliasjpond

My tags for Amy Pond vary in words but not in meaning:

  the only thing that matters 

I love Amy Pond more than I love most people and that is a fact 

 I need my Amy Pond deserved better tshirt

 I will love you forever 

I just can’t even put my feelings to words    

 I’m so sorry your creator didn’t care about you 

turns out I’m not interested in any of it unless there’s your face on my screen 

there’s so much more to her than who she’s married to 

 no one does hair porn like you do my love 

mythical creature    

 STOP IT    why can’t you just STOP.IT.

  what is your existance 

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Andrew super excited to see his friends at TASM 2 Premiere in London

#WHAT A DORK#Andrew Garfield

Μy laptop wouldn’t start for hours, I have about 15000 words saved on various essays and one that’s due tomorrow that I haven’t finished yet. The guys over at the store I bought it from said they needed to send it for check up and that’d take weeks or they could only save my essay document and that’d take until Monday which meant I’d have lost the deadline anyway. I think my laptop felt sorry for me because of all the crying and decided to start on its own but I think it’s safe to say I just lost about two years of my life


chris, chris and chris

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« how do you feel about karen's hair-wig being used for the new star wars trilogy » — Anonymous

I read about that but are we sure? Because I saw what she said and it was something along the lines of her giving the wig to the SW crew but it didn’t say anywhere that it’d be actually used? CONFUSED. But either way it’s awesomely weird :P

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« How often do you work out? » — Anonymous

sgjsjkghkj when I came back from Summer holidays in August I started working out EVERY DAY and I kept it until early December. Then I started getting ready for shooting my movie so I took a break from December to January and started again on February, but then in March I started working on all the essays I have to hand in by the end of May (approximately 20.000 words lol NO BIG DEAL) so for the past month I’ve basically been in my pjs all day and night, writing. I also started the editing of the movie earlier this week and while that’s been fun it’s exhausting, it’s literally me and the editor being cramped together in a tiny room for nine hours going over scenes and then I have to come back to my house and WRITE SOME MORE. So, result, I am always hungry and tired and sleepy and I eat garbage and I don’t work out and I JUST DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOYT MYSELF RN IT’S KINDA GETTING ON MY NERVES.